Monday, July 11, 2016

Walt Disney World: 20 Magical Years...Part Two!

Here it is, folks! The one you've been waiting for: A look back at EPCOT Center in 1991!

One of the most common stock photos of EPCOT Center, and one of the prettiest.
        As with almost every introduction to EPCOT Center, we begin with Spaceship Earth.
Though the entrance fountain remains, these glorious glass structures are long gone.

"Feel the flow....Here we gooooo..."
I took an almost identical picture from this angle during Flower and Garden Festival this year. I should do a split screen of the two.

Hello, gorgeous!

The first time I rode Horizons, I was in pre-school, and the swimming instructor reminded me of my sweet teacher, Miss Mindy. Now, whenever I see this scene, I always think of her. I never found out her last name, and I have no idea whatever happened to her, but if you're out there, Miss Mindy, thanks for everything!
Here we have a successful alumna of Mesa Verde University!

"There's the grand old man himself."
They're right. The future may be even more amazing than anything you see in this blog.
Hey, look!

My mom looked exactly like this from the back in 1991, and I remember thinking that when I rode it as a three year old. It still reminds me of her every time I see it. Even her name was Mom! "Hey, Mom! Mom!"
Scenes like this really show how Horizons was thought of as The Carousel of Progress, part two!

One of the best views in EPCOT Center was from the beginning of World of Motion. Spaceship Earth was right in front of you, and you could see a nice view of Horizons to your right.
The next time you're in MouseGear, look up! The original Dreamcatcher is there, suspended up above the merchandise!
Let's all just take a moment and bask in the glory of The Land pre-Soarin' and pre-Food Rocks. Sigh.
I still do what this guy does every time I pass the mural, with absolutely no shame.
One of the most gorgeous scenes from an attraction ever. I miss it dearly.

One of these days I will make it up into the DVC lounge, because it's been 20 years, dang gummit, and I need to get back upstairs!
Adding to the long list of thing I miss about EPCOT Center: the paint scheme on the ceiling of the main atrium.

EVERYBODY! "Veggie fruit-fruit! Veggie veggie fruit-fruit! Olé! Cha-cha-cha!"

The mural the way it's supposed to be, sans plastic fish.

I actually feel a little sorry for this guy. He looks genuinely terrified.

Nothing says traditional colonial garb like a traditional 80's perm.
Never forget. *Sigh*

Alas, much like today, we end our day at EPCOT Center with a presentation of Illuminations.

Thanks for joining me for part two of this trip down memory lane!

 If you have been following me on Facebook and Twitter, you'll already know that I'm in the process of transitioning the blog into a video series! Things are still in the very beginning stages, but I hope to have the first video up by this fall. Thanks again, and stay tuned for part three: The Disney-MGM Studios!

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