Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Promise of Brighter Days

I recently discovered a new documentary called “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow: The Futurism of Walt Disney” and the title instantly intrigued me. The filmmaker behind the documentary is Christian Moran, President of CM Films.

In his documentary, Moran focuses on Walt Disney’s life as a futurist, recounting Walt’s search for the latest and greatest technological advancements, and his plans to implement them into his upcoming projects. The film itself is “dedicated to Walt Disney, and all those who still believe in his dream of a better future for all peoples.” 

Futurism is, by definition, “the belief that the meaning of life and one's personal fulfillment lie in the future, and not in the present or the past.” Well known Disney-isms such as “keep moving forward” and “there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow” prove just how relevant futurism was to Walt Disney’s philosophy of life. 

Along with archival footage of Walt Disney, the film features insightful commentary from Disney Historians, Sam Genneway and Jim Korkis, as well as Animation Historian, Maureen Furniss. Moran also sat down with Disney Legends, Bob Gurr and Rolly Crump, who are delightfully charming as they recount their days at the Walt Disney Studios. 

In his film, Moran says that when he thinks of Walt, he thinks of “positivity, progress, and the belief that tomorrow can always be better than today…so long as we all work hard enough to make it so.”

Though Horizons is not directly referenced in the film, this documentary is an essential addition to the archive for its eloquent expression of its inspiration and ideals.

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